1 Girl-50 States-7 Continents-5 Oceans

This is a spin-off from my bucketlist which says that I want to visit all 50 states, the 7 continents, and all 5 oceans. Eventually I will make it to all of these places and you guys can find all the information, stories, and pictures on my blog. I’ll share what I liked and if there was anything I didn’t like. I’d also like a lot of feedback and interaction on places you’ve been in the states and what not. Here you will find links to every post about the states, continents, and oceans that I’ve been too. I hope you enjoy.

I didn’t do these in any particular order and more will be added to the list after I post them.

  1. Illinois…Not just Chicago (I guess I do have to start with my home state)
  2. Tennessee You’re the Only Ten I See
  3. Missouri or Misery?