The Interview dun-dun-dun

The Interview dun-dun-dun

Yesterday was the interview that I was both looking forward to and dreading at the same time. Interviews are always hard for me. I get really nervous, my hands start shaking, I start to sweat, and my brain becomes all jumbled. This interview was no different.

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Happiness on a Monday

A typical Monday for me consists of dragging myself out of bed, rushing to get ready, and trying not to fall asleep on the drive to school. Once at school it involves me trying to get students to pay attention, make sure they do not fall asleep, and try to get them back into the school routine. All of this occurs as I’m teaching the first lesson of the week.

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The Waiting Game

Right now, at this precise moment I am playing the waiting game. Most PVC’s begin a blog after they’ve been accepted. But, I’m that person that gets so enthusiastic about one of their dreams coming true that I had to begin now. The only problem with this is well….what if I don’t get accepted? What if I don’t get to live this dream? All I can say is if I don’t get accepted I will gain more skills that will make me a better candidate and try again as soon as I possibly can.

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