The Waiting Game

Right now, at this precise moment I am playing the waiting game. Most PVC’s begin a blog after they’ve been accepted. But, I’m that person that gets so enthusiastic about one of their dreams coming true that I had to begin now. The only problem with this is well….what if I don’t get accepted? What if I don’t get to live this dream? All I can say is if I don’t get accepted I will gain more skills that will make me a better candidate and try again as soon as I possibly can.

Back to the waiting game. Probably the one thing that I am the best at being the worst at. I have patience when it comes to my students, teachers, other professionals, family, and friends. Yet, when it comes to something that I want for myself I have the hardest time being positive and patient.

For example, in college I had to complete an edTPA. Which, for any of you that might not know is a portfolio that I had to create during my student teaching experience on top of all of the other assignments required of me to graduate. Well, unlike everyone else I started my edTPA from the beginning of the year. Planned it out, wrote the parts that I could complete at the time, and decided what I was going to do for the rest of the portfolio. When it came time to turn it in I was fine. After turning it in….not so much. I worried the entire time that what I had created was not good enough and that I would have to redo the entire portfolio just to graduate. I thought that I had misunderstood what they wanted and created more anxiety for myself than what it was worth.

After checking my portfolio online, everyday, for almost a month I finally found out how I had done. I had received one of the highest grades on the portfolio that I had been stressing about for over a month. So, I’ve come to realize I can’t change what has already been done but what I can do is wait for my opportunity to try again.

As for now the waiting game will continue for me. A slightly longer game than I previously thought I would be playing. There is plenty to keep me busy though considering I’m in my first year of teaching and just became the junior high’s assistant/7th grade volleyball coach (more on that in another post). But, by March 1st good or bad I will know what decision was made about my opportunity to give back to the world through a PCV position.

To see pictures I’ve taken of my home and adventures before the Peace Corps click here.



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