Happiness on a Monday

A typical Monday for me consists of dragging myself out of bed, rushing to get ready, and trying not to fall asleep on the drive to school. Once at school it involves me trying to get students to pay attention, make sure they do not fall asleep, and try to get them back into the school routine. All of this occurs as I’m teaching the first lesson of the week.

Needless to say I am not a fan of Monday’s.  I never understand how some teachers can be so peppy and ready for the week.

This Monday when checking my e-mail I had one from the Peace Corps. What does that mean you may be asking? Well, it means I now have an opportunity to interview for the special education position in Macedonia!! The long dreaded wait for an interview was actually quiet shorter than I thought it might be. This doesn’t mean I won’t be kept waiting after the interview for the decision on whether I will be a PCV or not. But what it does mean is I now have some hope. Hope that the goal I’ve had my eyes on since high school will finally be accomplished…possibly.

It also means that in between writing lesson plans, teaching, meetings, coaching volleyball and all the other craziness of my work week I now need to prepare for my interview that is in 3 days. Luckily I have personal days left to use at work because all of the days and times that were offered conflicted with my work schedule.

Somehow in between everything I am supposed to be doing for my job I have managed to gather more information about Macedonia, the interview process, and volunteering. Hopefully what I have is enough to prepare me for this interview. It is only just now starting to hit me that this time next year I could be thousands of miles a way. Is it scary? Yes, it is a little scary thinking that I would be leaving everything behind including my job. A lot of things might seem scary at first but they end up being exhilarating. I feel that this opportunity would be one that would end up exhilarating. Hopefully Thursday I can come back and write about how well my interview went. Only time will tell though.


2 thoughts on “Happiness on a Monday

    1. I actually am teaching special education right at this moment but, I do hope I get to teach it while I’m in the Peace Corps. If I don’t it’s ok because I’m going to be happy just to be over there. Thanks for the good luck 🙂


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