Yesterday was the interview that I was both looking forward to and dreading at the same time. Interviews are always hard for me. I get really nervous, my hands start shaking, I start to sweat, and my brain becomes all jumbled. This interview was no different.

I had to use the library’s WiFi and arrived early to go over questions and to prepare myself. As the time crept closer and closer I suddenly realized that because of the time difference my interview would be at 1 instead of 2!!! When I looked down at the clock I realized it was 12:45 and I needed to hurry to get a room to do the interview in.

I luckily made it upstairs and to a room in enough time. But, it definitely flustered me that I could have missed my interview entirely if I wouldn’t have remembered the time zone difference. I opened up the link I was sent for the interview and waited for the organizer to let me into the room. When the interview finally began it started off like anyone would expect. We introduced ourselves and she explained to me how the interview would go. It was basically exactly how everything that I had googled said it would be.

I don’t remember all of the questions that she asked but, I do know that they were all on the Wiki list of interview questions. She didn’t ask me as many as I thought she would. I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing. I didn’t answer some questions with enough detail so she would ask me to elaborate or she had follow-up questions to lead me into what she needed to hear for the answer.

At one point she asked the list of questions that I was supposed to answer that talked about concerns I might have in the Peace Corps. I gained a little more insight into Macedonia during that part of the interview. She explained that they are really big on dressing professionally and they might take offense if my clothes seem a little shabby from wear. I tried to joke with her about having to do something with my hair because it can become frizzy and look slightly crazy. She didn’t laugh which made my joke fall flat. I’m pretty sure she thought I was being serious even though I laughed because she said she didn’t see why I would have to do anything to it.

At the end of the interview I asked her questions about her experience and if I was accepted what mine might be like. This was the only time she seemed to open up a little. The rest of the time her face was expressionless to the point that I couldn’t figure out if what I was saying was making a good impression or a bad one. I was asking her about how to make myself a better candidate when we lost connection. We had made plans for this and I soon received a call from her asking me to repeat the question.

She explained to me that I had a lot of experience with teaching and that my entire resume was basically dedicated to that. She wanted me to expand on other experiences I might have had that would show that I am something more than just education. I told her that I could add my work at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and my coaching experience. She recommended me to send her that information and she would add it into my application.

The only part of the interview that gave me any feeling that I might get the position or another position in the Peace Corps came at the very VERY end of the interview. Right before we hung up she said that I was a strong candidate and I was extremely flexible. Then she crushed that little hope by letting me know that even though that might be true she had 200 other applications, 12 more came in each day, and that anyone could apply until January. She did offer to set me up for another position, that I was qualified for, if this one fell through.

In the end I just don’t know how it went and won’t know how it went until February or March. So, back to the waiting game I go with a slightly bigger iota of hope than I began with.


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