My Dream Come True

It was an ordinary Tuesday morning. I began my day off teaching and ended it coaching a game for the junior high girls volleyball team. As I was walking to my car, to finally start the drive home, I received an email that I felt would change my life forever. I’m sure you can guess what that email was.

I received my congratulations from the Peace Corps for being accepted into a Community Development position in Macedonia. I had a complete and utter meltdown in my car that included giggling uncontrollably, being barely able to breath, feeling like I was going to cry, and overall freaking out. (Insider note I never act like that over ANYTHING) I couldn’t believe I got that position. Especially after my interview when I was told that over 400 people applied for the positions that were available.

I had kept all this a secret from my family and friends except for a select few. The ones that knew I had applied weren’t surprised I made it in but, the ones that didn’t know were utterly shocked. Sure, everyone knew that I had been talking about this for years but, people talk about doing a lot of things that they never do. I’m almost positive no one thought I would really apply for it. Now everyone is telling me how surreal it is.

Most people would think that all of the emotions that ran through my head were positive but, surprisingly they weren’t. I definitely had some doubts that flitted through my head. Some of these included “I’m just getting used to my job and now I’m quitting”, “What is my poor puppy going to do for the entire two years I’m gone”, “Will I actually enjoy it or have I hyped it up for so long because I’ve wanted to join”, “What if I’m not a good fit over there and don’t make a significant difference for the better of the community”, and numerous other thoughts.

The only reason I’m saying these things is that after all of the blogs I’ve read I’ve never seen one so far that has expressed any doubts or worries about being accepted. I think it plays a major role in a lot of PCV’s but, most people don’t want to talk about it for one reason or another. Or perhaps it really doesn’t and I’m just the oddball over-thinker that I usually am.

Even though there are these doubts it doesn’t mean that this isn’t what I want. I’m completely thrilled that I will be traveling overseas to help other people improve their quality of life. Whether that be through education, environment, youth development, business etc. we all do improve or try to improve the quality of life of the community we are placed in. I’m also thrilled that I will be able to immerse myself into another culture because I grew up in an extremely rural and non-diverse area.

All in all I am ready to begin this amazing journey in the Peace Corps and see where it takes me in life.

To see pictures of my home life and adventures before the Peace Corps click here. 


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