Turn & Face the Strange Changes

Inspired by David Bowie’s song “Changes” this post is all about the realizations and strange changes I realized will be happening soon in my life.  I guess it was also brought about because of my Continue reading “Turn & Face the Strange Changes”


Progression of Friendships

The progression of a friendship can go one of two ways. Either you will bond and become close friends that share everything and no matter what happens in your life you two will still try to stay in contact and be involved in each other’s lives or Continue reading “Progression of Friendships”

Adulting Like A Child

Adulting Like A Child

Do you ever wake up and wonder why your alarm is going off? I do. As an example, this morning as my alarm went off for the 3rd time, yes I’m that annoying person that sets 5 alarms to wake up in the morning, I remember thinking why is my alarm going off on the weekend? Then reality hit me. It was only Wednesday.

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Becoming a Minimalist

Becoming a Minimalist

Those that know me know that I am not doing this by choice. I’m the type of person that if I dig down far enough into my closet I’m pretty sure I can find my copies of my high school newspaper. (And that’s after I’ve moved 4 times since graduating) So, becoming a minimalist hasn’t really been a choice that I’ve wanted to make it has been one that I have to make.

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Vaccinations and Immunizations

I have no idea why but the two words vaccinations and immunizations together satisfies me. I know…I’m weird. Anyways on to what this post is really about. I recently posted about the difficulty that I was having completing my medical clearance. It was mainly because of the physical exam that I was having all of the problems. Well…now it is because of something else entirely….chicken pox.

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The Wonderful Medical Clearance

Probably one of the funnest things that I have had to do so far for the Peace Corps would be getting my medical clearance…insert sarcasm here. Although, I have been getting the run around I am about done submitting all of my medical clearance paperwork. I have five different papers I have to submit at this point. 1-I have an appointment for this Wednesday, 2 & 3-I have the papers I just need to scan it into the Medical Application Portal, and 4 & 5 I need to make an appointment for at the health department.

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