The Wonderful Medical Clearance

Probably one of the funnest things that I have had to do so far for the Peace Corps would be getting my medical clearance…insert sarcasm here. Although, I have been getting the run around I am about done submitting all of my medical clearance paperwork. I have five different papers I have to submit at this point. 1-I have an appointment for this Wednesday, 2 & 3-I have the papers I just need to scan it into the Medical Application Portal, and 4 & 5 I need to make an appointment for at the health department.

I wouldn’t say that the medical clearance part is difficult but, at the same time I would. It isn’t because of the Peace Corps that this portion of the clearance process has been difficult for me. It has been because of doctors. When I was first cleared to begin the paperwork I tried setting up an appointment for a physical exam. When I called my primary provider, who I hadn’t seen in years, to set up an appointment I was told that I would have to start as a new patient.

I figured since I had been a patient there my entire life and the only other doctor I had seen was from the health department at the college I went to that I would be accepted. I was wrong. Four days later I received a call that I was denied and they wouldn’t give me a reason. So, I then asked if I could get my medical records and they gladly faxed me medical release form for me to sign. After signing and faxing it back to them I waited over 2 weeks, with numerous calls to the facility, to get the information.

It then took me another week to find a doctors office, in the city I live in, that would accept me as a new patient. The other doctors that I talked to told me they wouldn’t be able to get me in until July.

It is quite scary to realize that if you do not get the medical clearance, that you are jumping through hoops for, then you won’t be able to go. This is only scary, for me at least, because I have put in my resignation letters for the schools I work at and would not have a job if I do not pass the medical clearance.

Fingers crossed.


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