Vaccinations and Immunizations

I have no idea why but the two words vaccinations and immunizations together satisfies me. I know…I’m weird. Anyways on to what this post is really about. I recently posted about the difficulty that I was having completing my medical clearance. It was mainly because of the physical exam that I was having all of the problems. Well…now it is because of something else entirely….chicken pox.

Why is that causing you difficulty you might be asking. Well, that is because most parents, when I was a child, didn’t take their kids to the doctor for chicken pox. My mom for example gave me a couple oatmeal baths, stuck some calamine lotion on me, and let me miss school for a couple days. I did not realize that she didn’t take me to the doctor and went through the hassle of calling every doctors office that I had ever been to so I could find the records of having chicken pox.

After calling every office and finding no information on it I finally called my mom who then informed me that she probably did not take me to the doctors. I understand not taking me it was just chicken pox but, now that one small even that happened forever ago is haunting my medical clearance.

I set up an appointment for the chicken pox titers and then started to worry like I normally do. I was thinking what if it shows that I’m not immune to chickenpox because I had such a mild case of it. Trying to troubleshoot this problem I started looking up the immunization which it turns out you have to have two shots for. Two shots that have to be a month apart from each other. This meant that I would be turning in information past the deadline.

I ended up contacting my pre-service nurse and asking him/her what I should do and explained how I would be late turning in paperwork if I wasn’t immune. When I finally heard back from him/her they told me to go ahead and wait for the titers appointment and if I’m not immune send them a message with approximate dates for my immunization.

Thankfully my pre-service nurse or whoever is behind the portal screen is willing to let me turn in some paperwork late. This eased my mind considerably although I am still hoping I’m immune so I can turn it all in on time.


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