Do you ever wake up and wonder why your alarm is going off? I do. As an example, this morning as my alarm went off for the 3rd time, yes I’m that annoying person that sets 5 alarms to wake up in the morning, I remember thinking why is my alarm going off on the weekend? Then reality hit me. It was only Wednesday.

So, I do what every adult does and began adulting for the day. Got up, got ready, and became jealous of my dog. I think he tries to look as comfy as possible, on purpose, to make me jealous.

If you want to see more pictures of Odin and others I have taken check out my page Home and Adventures in Pictures here.

It’s ridiculous that I am jealous of my dog but, it is the end of the year and that’s where I’m at in life. Being jealous of a dog.It’s like I hit a brick wall about a week ago. A brick wall that said, “You are going to want to sleep all day, do no work, and the students are going to drive you bonkers.”

Don’t get me wrong I have thoroughly enjoyed most of my students the entire year I’ve been with them. It’s just that the closer it is to May the more they start to change from the enjoyable students I’ve had all year to little terrors who just want summer to be here. I guess I’m not the only one who has hit the brick wall.

As a first year teacher I figured the beginning of the year would be the part that I would have the most problems with. Thanks to two wonderful ladies I work with and later became friends with it wasn’t. What’s hard is the end of the year. How to control, keep on task, and interest 12 teenagers who are in special education at the end of the year are unsolvable questions at this point.

Not only do I have everything that is going on with work/school to deal with I also have everything with the Peace Corps. What I really need is someone rich to buy me a spa weekend where I can sleep and relax for three days. Then I’ll be recharged and ready to go like the energizer bunny.

Sadly, I don’t have the money for that which means that my adulting on weekends is basially non-existent (to compensate for the lack of spa days). Usually I manage to at least clean and do laundry. Although, the long list of everything else I should be doing is usually pushed to the side so I can act like a college student again and sleep all day, stay up all night, play video games, and otherwise be irresponsible for a brief window of time before re-starting the entire week over again.

So, basically I adult like a child on the weekends.


Definition of adulting like a child: To think that adults can do whatever they want when they want. Then taking that concept and turning it into reality by doing what ever I want on the weekends and being irresponsible.


3 thoughts on “Adulting Like A Child

  1. you know….my dog definitely act extra comfortable to make me jealous, as well!

    i loved this and its so true! being 19, everyone calls me an adult, but im still spinning around in circles…though instead of singing “ring around a rosie” im questiong over and over “what the hell am i even doing?’

    by the way, i love your blog! ❤

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    1. He’s a brat but I gotta love him even though he does that every morning. I’m 24 getting ready to turn 25 in July and everyone calls me an adult yet I still don’t feel like one. I mean yeah I pay my own bills and have a good job but, I still think ” what the hell am I doing with my life”. I’m not sure if I will ever feel like an adult. I mean I still play video games and put off “adult chores” because I’d rather go do something else. I think I’m just going to be a teen in an adults body the rest of my life lol.
      Thanks for the love I’ll definitely have to check out your blog 🙂

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      1. i will be writing a post about my dog soon…just so i can post pictures of him. cux even though he has an attitude, he is also most definitely my baby ❤


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