Last Friday wasn’t supposed to be an easy day but, it just ended up being like that. I took off of work so I could go to an appointment that did not end up happening. Why not? Well, as I’ve mentioned before I’m the type of person that sets 5 alarms to wake up. What I didn’t mention is that I occasionally I will sleep though one or two or all of those alarms.

Exactly what I did last Friday. So, instead of having a meltdown I rearranged some things and managed to schedule another one. I won’t be able to miss that appointment since it is in the middle of the afternoon. The only good thing that came out of missing the appointment is that I got everything I wanted done AND decided to plan a little mini road trip to Indiana.

The road trip was for Wilton’s birthday and was just something random and fun I decided to do for him. I planned on heading over to Sugar Valley Canoe to go on the 10 mile trip but, life had other plans I didn’t know about. Some how Wilton put in the wrong name of the canoe rental place and we didn’t end up where we wanted to. Even though I really like Sugar Valley we decided to just go ahead and go to the rental place we drove by because we knew where it was.

As luck would have it they let us leave for a trip as soon as we pulled into the parking lot.We loaded up our cooler, backpack, life jackets, and Odin into the van and headed out.  . This was the first time that my puppy Odin was going to be in a canoe. I was a little nervous considering the fact he is hyperactive and seems like he has ADHD half of the time. After we got him into the canoe though everything worked out perfectly well, until the end of the trip. But, before we get to the end here’s some photos from the trip.


Now the ending. We were rounding the corner and just going underneath the covered bridge that signals the end when we hit some rough water. Odin had a slight meltdown and started moving all over the place. As he struggled to stay still with me yelling at him the canoe tipped over just enough to let water in. As we tried to right the canoe more and more water came in. I gave up on trying to save it and just slid out to try and maneuver it to shore, Odin freaked and straddled the edge of the canoe and wouldn’t move, and Wilton just laughed until he fell down.

All in all it was a really nice day to relax and forget all the stress I have in my life, even though we flipped the canoe. I realized I need to plan random trips more often. Not only are they a good stress reliever but, it gets you outside to have some fun in the sun.

What is your favorite trip that wasn’t planned or helped you to relieve built up stress?


If you would like to check out more pictures from other trips click here.




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