Missouri or Misery?

Missouri or Misery?

Missouri or Misery? Everyone that I know that has been through or lived in Missouri uses this joke and says Missouri as misery. So, what is Missouri known for….well I don’t really know what it has that people would remember it for…does St. Louis count? Although, people like to say St. Louis is in Illinois…I guess technically part of it is. Now I’ve confused myself. Let’s just move on. I’ve actually only been to Missouri twice. Once because a friend was playing a show there (another 1 of our friends went to college there)¬†and once for a “family” vacation.

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What’s in Indiana?

What’s in Indiana?

Indiana well I’ll start this one off by saying that I’ve never been to Indianapolis and there’s really only one area I’ve been to in Indiana, Turkey Run. I think most people who live in central Illinois have road tripped it over to Indiana for some canoe and camping fun at least once in their life.

I on the other hand have gone to Indiana 8 summers in a row to canoe, kayak, camp, hike, and of course swim/get some sun. I’ve been to a couple different canoe rental places in the Turkey Run area that have their good and bad points. The first place I ever went there was Sugar Valley Canoe in Marshall, Indiana.

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End of the Year Rockets

Does anyone realize that it has already been 4 months since 2016 began? All I can think about is that the school year is almost over. T-3 days until I will have survived my first year of teaching special education at both a junior high and high school. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be but it wasn’t that easy either.

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Escape the Room and Save the World

Did you notice I didn’t do a Sundaze with Ciara this week? Well, if you read my post about Tennessee you’ll know I didn’t do one because I was busy with graduations and end of the year junk. I felt sort of bad not really for people that read this, I’m sure you didn’t even notice, but I felt bad because it had started to become a routine for me. I decided to go and do something last night to make up for it.

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Liebster Award Nomination

So, as I was coming back to the blog life after a weekend of school related activities and no new adventure for Sundaze with Ciara I found out I had been nominated. Nominated? For what? No it isn’t for eating the most pizza, sleeping the most, or being the queen of procrastination. I was nominated for the Libester Award by Simply Tyonna¬†.

As I wasn’t to sure what this was about and I hadn’t even been following the person that nominated me the first thing I did was go and check out their blog. I would recommend going and looking at her blog. She writes about random topics and normal life like I do. Ok moving on.

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Tennessee You’re the Only Ten I See

Tennessee You’re the Only Ten I See

Hello and happy Monday cyberspace nerds (if you’re offended then probably not the blog for you). Normally today I would be publishing a new post all about some great adventure I had on Sunday. Sadly my weekend was chock full of everything except an adventure.

I’m going out of state this coming up weekend so we’ve been trying to get everything ready for that and figure out if my puppy can go with. Then on top of that I had graduation and honors night for the school I work at. But wait….don’t you work at two schools Ciara? Why yes, yes I do. That means I had to go to two of everything. ¬†So, instead I’m going to leave you with this post all about Nashville¬†and later today a post about the award I was nominated for. I hope you enjoy.

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Illinois…Not Just Chicago

Illinois…Not Just Chicago

I recently created a page called 1 Girl-50 States-7 Continents-5 Oceans which is all about how I want to visit all of these places before my unavoidable demise into __________(insert whatever religious place you believe in). On that page you will find links to every post about the different states, continents, and oceans I’ve been to. I’ll admit it now the continent ones will probably be long and have numerous posts since there are different countries in each continent that can be extremely different from each other. But, for now let’s talk about Illinois.

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