Sunday Stories with Ivy

Hey guys! Hope you all had a great weekend. So, recently I met someone on her blog and she asked if I’d be willing to do her first Sunday Story. I was a little confused about what it exactly was but, we started emailing back and forth and it became clear.

She wanted to hear about my favorite quote and how that fits into my life. We ended up talking quiet a bit about it and she asked me lots of great questions. You see Ivy is trying to find her ikigai which, she told me is the Japanese concept meaning a reason for being. Her blog and life shows us her journey to finding her ikigai.

One way that she is doing this is by talking to people about what their ikigai is. She is trying to see what other people think their reason for being is and by doing this is learning more about herself. Last week we emailed back and forth and she asked me for my favorite quote so I could be her first Sunday Story. My quote was, “Not all those who wander are lost” in case you didn’t know it’s from the Lord of the Rings series.


If you want to find out why I chose that quote and what it has to do with my life you need to go and look at Ivy’s blog. She calls it Sunday Stories and I can tell you I’m looking forward to Sunday’s more just because I can read new stories from her.

Although it was weird reading something about myself in such a context, I think that Ivy did a great job in understanding me and how I see life. I would recommend anyone to go and talk to Ivy about your life and the direction it’s heading. Maybe you will see yourself in a different light after talking to her.

If you’d like to read her Sunday Story about me or get involved and be her next Sunday Story (you should because it’s quite fun and insightful) go to her blog and check it out. I promise it’s worth it.

So, go ahead and like Sheia Labeouf says, ” JUST DO ITTTT” and
click that —>>  Finding Ikigai


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