Part 2

The second part to this two part post is all about the trip home. I didn’t plan as many stops on the way back to Illinois but that isn’t because there was nowhere unique and awesome to stop at.

Since I’m going to be leaving in September this trip is going to be my last chance to see two of my closest friends who moved out west. One lives in/around Denver and the other will be living in Phoenix. I figured if I cut the amount of places I stop I can see each of them for a day or so before heading home. ANYWAYS Onward to the next section of the road trip.

Starting Point:
Oracle State Park–Oracle, AZ

Stop Number One:
Blake & Madison’s Place–Phoenix, Arizona

A two hour and 117 mile drive to see one of my best friends and his new girlfriend is well worth it. They will be moving to Phoenix some time this month so that Madison can start her job with Teach For America. I don’t know much about Phoenix but, I do know they both usually find hole-in-the-wall places that are awesome so I’m sure I’ll have a good time doing whatever they decide.

Stop Numero Dos:
Arches National Park–Moab, UT

Coming in at a whopping 7 hours and 30 minutes or 472 miles  from Phoenix is Arches National Park. This park has over 2,000 natural stone arches, giant balanced rocks, and tons of formations formed thousand of years ago. With tons of trails to go down this is one of the stops I couldn’t give up for my trip back home.

If I get here early enough in the day I plan on leaving as it gets dark and driving 107 miles or almost 2 hours to  Colorado National Monument Campground. I’m hoping I can convince someone else to go on the road trip with me to share the driving.

Stop Numéro Trois:
Colordao National Monument–Fruita, CO

If I make it to the campground I will only by 5 miles from this park. If I leave from Arches National Park I’ll be 107 miles or almost 2 hours from here. Either way this section is a short trip. With lots of multi-colored rocks, canyons, and isolated towers this place is perfect for photo opportunities.  Although, I don’t plan on staying here for very long.

Once I am done exploring for a little bit I will head up to Denver and stay at Lilly and Emily’s place (I haven’t told them I’m coming yet). Denver is around 5 hours away from here.

Stop Number Four:
Ellis Lakeside Campground–Ellis, KS

At over 580 miles and close to 9 and a half hours I figured that this would be a good spot to rest before driving the last 10 hours home. It isn’t anything special and there are 2 reasons for this stop

  1. It’s about halfway from Colorado National Monument to Champaign, Illinois
  2. Campgrounds are usually cheap

Home–Champaign, IL

After 10 hours and 30 minutes and almost 600 miles I would finally make it home.

This road trip has some long distance driving and is slightly costly for gas without food and everything else included. I’m hoping I can find someone to split the costs and driving so we can make it places in shorter amounts of time and possibly cut out some camping spots. If not I might end up cutting the trip short so it is possible for me alone to afford and drive.

All in all I love the roadtrippers website and plan to use it again soon. Especially since I have something planned I’m going to start doing every Sunday. Stay tuned to more information on that in the next post.

Much love and congrats you’ve made it to Tuesday this week.


8 thoughts on “Part 2

    1. Well, it was supposed to be my spring break trip and that was significant for me because most people go on spring break in college. I could never afford to and I finally was able to after graduating. Since I couldn’t do it for spring break now it’s basically significant because it will be my last big hoorah before I leave in September for Macedonia. It also gives me the chance to see friends that moved out west.

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  1. This looks awesome! We’re going to the Bonneville Salt Flats next week. I really wanted to do more of UT but we have limited time. 😦 Have fun in Phoenix! It’s pretty fun out there!

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    1. I know the feeling about limited time. My boyfriend wants to go but can only get a week off. We could manage it but we would have to cut out stops and/or sleeping haha wish we had a motorcycle way better gas mileage. I’ve never been out west so pretty excited.

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  2. I hope the weather is in your favor. These are some beautiful destinations that you have chosen. I know the journey there will be even more entertaining than the destination itself.

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