Inspiration for Weekly Posts

Lately I have been inspired by a lot of people for a number of reasons. After reading so many blogs on here I’m inspired by people’s stories, tribulations, and their writing. I’ve noticed a trend of bloggers having a weekly post about something in particular that they like to write about. I’ve been contemplating and trying to find inspiration for something I could post about weekly.

Well, I finally came up with an idea last night when I was watching Two Broke Girls. If you haven’t seen the show well…I feel sorry for you. I finally watched it after months of a friend telling me that I reminded him of Max because of my sarcastic and dark humor. On the episode they drive a car, they aren’t supposed to have, to the Hampton’s to sit on the beach for a couple minutes. It got me to thinking about my lazy Sunday’s and how I normally would just lounge around and do nothing.

That’s how inspiration hit for what I could do every Sunday. I haven’t come up with a snazzy name for it yet (to be honest I’m not good with titles like some of you). So, this Monday look for my first weekly post to see what I was inspired to do every Sunday and post about every Monday. It might even help you get over the Monday blues.

Do you have any idea what my weekly post is going to be about from what I’ve said? Any guesses?


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