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You might be asking what all this is about. Well, no worries if you would like an explanation I have a page with why I’m doing this and what it will be about. I recommend reading it before reading this. Sundaze with Ciara Page

Now back to it. This Sunday was Mother’s Day and although my momma was working I went and dropped off a homemade gift basket for her and went on a short hike on the way. For some reason when trying to find some where new to go for this Sundaze trip I kept thinking about old bridges. I ended up finding the website Bridgehunter that helps you find old bridges in your state and county. I used it to find a bridge with hiking I could stop at on the way to see me mom.

The bridge I chose was called the Heartland Pathway-Shady Rest Bridge . After a few missed turns, u-turns, wrong turns, and arguing we were finally able to find the Heartland Pathway.


Turns out the first path we chose was the wrong one and we ended up on a dead end straight into the river. After we backtracked a little and found an awesome stack of old timber…

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and then we found the bridge!

2016-05-08 02.56.31 1.jpg

Odin went ahead and ran across the bridge without thinking. Then he wouldn’t come back because of the missing railroad ties he jumped over on the way there. I was glad we had found the bridge because it reminded me of the ones that we used to have where I grew up.

I ended up taking a lot of photos of the bridge and we actually walked across it to the other side. There were a lot of missing railroad ties and the grass that you see (on the other side of the bridge) is actually growing on the railroad and ten feet off the ground.

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They are super goofy and weird.

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Since I’m braver then Wilton, I ended up climbing down an old iron ladder and going underneath the trestle that was there. I was going to try and climb up one of the angled ends of the bridge (I had done it in high school on a bridge exactly like this but, not this one) but, it was way to slick with my shoes being muddy. So, settled for just being under it.

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After climbing back up on the bridge we decided to go so I could drop off my momma’s Mother’s Day gift. I wanted to start doing this weekly post to start taking photos again and to get out and go on an adventure or hike every week. I used to get out more but between work and everything else going on in my life I’ve started just wanting to relax at home. This is getting me outside again doing something I love and finding new places in the state I grew up in.

Something else happened at the same time though and I made the realization that I’m going to start learning more about myself. During this trip Wilton and I made many wrong turns, missed turns, u-turns, got lost on a trail, my camera failed and I had to reboot it, we argued, got mad and on the way home I literally got a blister on my face from eating this amazing pizza (the sauce came out onto my chin when taking a bite) that’s made by an authentic Italian. We got angry, yelled, and almost gave up on finding it.

Now looking back I don’t know why we got so upset. I guess it’s because I like things to go how I plan. I usually am able to go with the flow but, sometimes I get angry. If I just take a moment and realize that even if we don’t get where we are going in the manner that we thought as long as we get where we are going it doesn’t matter. I’m going to start remembering this and try to go with the flow more on any future trips.

2016-05-08 02.59.27 1.jpg
We ended up having a good time. Even after everything.

Well, that’s it for the first Sundaze with Ciara. I hope you enjoyed the pictures, laughed at our misfortunes and blisters from pizza and got over your Monday blues at least a little.


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20 thoughts on “Sundaze with Ciara

    1. Thank you! I’m excited to get back out there and start taking more photos again. Although, not having a great camera anymore is going to change everything.
      I usually don’t get so angry but, I had this planned out to the T so I think that’s what happened.


    1. I wouldn’t call myself a photographer but thank you 🙂 I’m not sure if you live in the states but, if you do the website I linked to in the post could help you find bridges like that near you!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Nice! My mom actually named me after a bottle of perfume same spelling and everything lol Thanks for the love and I’m definitely trying to get out and explore more again and this weekly post is helping.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Really? I was named after a girl who played on one of the soap operas back in the 90s. However, people tend to misspell my name often….Ciara instead of Cierra lol. And that’s great, that “me time” is necessary every now and then!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right?!? I went on there and didn’t think there would be many but, it’s the same for me lots of bridges with some I’e been to. Some of the bridges aren’t the greatest but, if you look hard enough there’s definitely some gems hidden there.

      Liked by 1 person

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