Liebster Award Nomination

So, as I was coming back to the blog life after a weekend of school related activities and no new adventure for Sundaze with Ciara I found out I had been nominated. Nominated? For what? No it isn’t for eating the most pizza, sleeping the most, or being the queen of procrastination. I was nominated for the Libester Award by Simply Tyonna .

As I wasn’t to sure what this was about and I hadn’t even been following the person that nominated me the first thing I did was go and check out their blog. I would recommend going and looking at her blog. She writes about random topics and normal life like I do. Ok moving on.

Am I supposed to post the rules? I’m not sure does it matter what the award looks like? Can I make my own or do I use theirs? I guess I’ll make one myself.


10 Random Facts about Moi

I’ve actually been wanting to write a post with some different information about me so I guess this works out great.

  1. I used to go shotgun hunting, shoot other guns, and shoot bows. I actually won a couple local bow shooting contests when I was younger.
  2. I really really like to draw which is surprising because I’ve never posted anything on here about that except to say I liked to.
  3. I was once in a really bad car wreck. As in I was t-boned by a truck and they used the jaws of life to take my door off, my windshield was completely shattered, my drivers side window was shattered, my tire was off my car, and my front grill was off my car. I ended up with over 100 stitches in my forehead, eyelid,  and cheek. I also ended up with over $20,000 in debt because the person whose car I was driving didn’t have insurance…I didn’t know that.
  4. I have 5 tattoos, about to be 6, and I also have plugs. Which, is different since I’m a teacher. It’s always fun trying to cover everything up.
  5. I have a page for my bucketlist and I want to publish it but I haven’t finished setting it up. I’ve been working on it since I made the blog back in November. Ok to be honest I haven’t really worked on it in awhile.
  6. I’m not an emotional person AT ALL. Other people will be crying during a movie and I’ll be the person laughing. It also extends to my relationships. I don’t like being all mushy gushy honey, sweety, baby, let’s hold hands all the time, and let’s cuddle.
  7. I’m extremely independent. I don’t like anyone helping me do anything, unless I ask (doesn’t happen often). In fact the other person I usually ask for help is my mom and if I do ask her for help it’s usually money and I pay her back.
  8. I like being by myself a lot. When most people can’t stand being by themselves for long periods of time I’m the one trying to figure out how to get alone time. I lived almost 4 hours from home during college and was usually by myself because I only made work friends.
  9. I have no idea what I’m going to do with my life when I get back from the Peace Corps. For some reason everyone thinks I have my life planned to the t but that is not true. After the Peace Corps I have random ideas I would like to happen but, who knows if they will.
  10. One side of my family is extremely crazy. I haven’t talked to most of my cousins or uncles in a very long time and I recently decided to cut my father out of my life for good. Hard decisions but, when the person isn’t good for your life or a positive influence in it there’s no need for them to be in it.

That went a little dark there….should have named it 10 dark random facts about me…or added that PIZZA IS LIFE and I’m going to miss ordering it for dinner 3 nights a week when I move to Macedonia.

10 Questions I was asked:

What was your first car?

My first car was a 1998 maroon Camaro with t-tops. I don’t even think I had the car until I was 17…in fact I’m pretty sure I didn’t. We ended up having to put a lot of money into keeping it running and just traded it out.

Why did I start blogging?

I started blogging when I fond out I was accepted into the Peace Corps. I thought it would be a good way to let others, who might join, read about my experience. I also thought it would be a good way for my family to see pictures and what I thought about the different experiences I was having. It has turned into more than that though.

Who is my celebrity crush?

Jensen Ackles because not only can he look like this and have a good sense of humor


But, he can also look this this…

One place I would like to live?

Ughh….why are these so thought provoking and deep? LOL If I had to chose one in the US it would be some where out west in Washington, Montana, Idaho, etc. but, up in the wilderness not in town. If it wasn’t in the US it would probably be New Zealand. It’s just gorgeous and I have no idea just go with it.

My favorite T.V. show and why.

My favorite T.V. show that is a current show is of course, Supernatural. Why do I like it? Wait…can I change my celebrity crush to Jensen Ackles….ok I’m going back and changing it goodbye Chris Pratt. Ok done. Anyways I like it because there is a lot of action, comedic relief, it has the best bromance on T.V., there’s hot guys in it, the plotline is good, and new things just keep coming. Plus I like supernatural things.

What is my favorite restaurant?

I don’t really have one specific one. When I lived in Carbondale it was this Mexican place that served $1 margaritas on Monday’s. When I lived in Murphysboro it was Cummares an Italian place. When I lived in my hometown it was Scooters a hamburger stand. Living in Champaign it’s the Original Pancake House. There’s also Monicals, R&I, The Red Apple, etc.

Where is my dream vacation?

UHHH…….I don’t just have one dream vacation. I’ve always really wanted to backpack and stay in hostels throughout Europe but, that might be a real possibility after my volunteer service with the Peace Corps. Um…CHILE duhhhh what was I thinking. I would go to Chile to visit the foreign exchange student from when I was in high school. We were inseparable and even though her English has gotten worse we would still have the best time.

Target or Walmart?

I don’t really shop at either but, I guess Walmart since I’ve actually shopped there before. I think I’ve shopped at Target once for a bathing suit and none of the tops fit my boobs haha

What was my first job and did I like it?

I mean I’m not going to count babysitting or mowing lawns so my first job would have been working as a cashier at Kroger’s. I was 16 and who likes anything at 16? But, for a 16 year old I liked it. I made new friends and hung out with them. Plus, I had my own money to buy whatever I wanted.

Am I the oldest or youngest in the family?

Well, it depends on how technical you want to get. I could technically be the only child in my family or the oldest if you count a half-brother I’m the oldest if you don’t I’m an only child.

After half a day spent writing this in between being bored out of my mind at the junior high I’m almost done. Now for me to nominate other bloggers. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be blogs we follow or not.  I have no idea I’m just going to write some of my favorite blogs down that I didn’t nominate when I got that other award thingy I got…I lie some will overlap. Ok this is hard they have to have under 200 followers and I just realized half the people on my list have over le sigh.

  1. Iris home store 
  2. M, the average girl
  3. Charlotte Elisha–Memories into print
  4. Brett Doyle-Fitness+ Nutrition 
  5. The Lonely Lion1603
  6. Trust me, I’m a Drama Teacher
  7. Our Okinawa Adeventures
  8. Living as Elise
  9. Joe Flair Talks-A look into what’s on my mind
  10. Recovery to Wellness

That took a lot longer than I expected okkayyy….here’s my list of ten questinos for you guys.

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. Does your family/friends know you blog? Why or why not?
  3. What is your favorite thing to do to relax?
  4. Who is your favorite band?
  5. If you could chose one person dead or alive to have lunch with who would it be?
  6. What is your dream car?
  7. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?
  8. What is your worst fear?
  9. What super power would you choose?
  10. What was your favorite place to visit?

Phew…now that’s over I’m going to go let my brain reset.



5 thoughts on “Liebster Award Nomination

  1. Thank you so much for nominating me!! I’ll try to make my post as soon as possible as well 🙂
    Also, really liked your answered! I can relate to some of the “random facts”, like I enjoy being by myself too and I’ve stop talking to my father when I was 16. And Supernatural! Oh gosh I sooo agree whit what you said haha never get tired of it!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. No problem 🙂 I still can’t believe that some people don’t even know what the show is or don’t like it. I look at them like they are crazy lol It always stinks when you have to let people go out of your life but then again we all know what’s best for ourselves and doing it is the hard part so kudos to you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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