End of the Year Rockets

Does anyone realize that it has already been 4 months since 2016 began? All I can think about is that the school year is almost over. T-3 days until I will have survived my first year of teaching special education at both a junior high and high school. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be but it wasn’t that easy either.

I would have to say one of the biggest surprises I’ve had during this first year of teaching is that even if the entire year flies by and it’s May before you know it, the last 2 weeks are going to drag. They are going to drag like your grandma’s boobs without a bra. Yes, I just went there.

I know some of you parents out there have trouble controlling your kids while they are at home. Now think about it, they can use their phone, gaming systems, go to friends house, and basically stay out of your hair (the age group I’m teaching). In fact the age group I teach would probably tell you to leave them alone. Now imagine having teenagers that can’t use any technology, unless it’s for a school project, in your class at the end of the school year with summer just around the corner.

It’s like trying to corral my puppy, into my bedroom, to go to sleep and he thinks you are playing. They don’t want to learn anything else and there’s only 2 weeks left so you don’t want to teach anything else. You could review for their exam but, your a special education math teacher who knows that your students could not remember everything you’ve taught for a semester so you made their exam a project. Now what do you do? I for one figured out something to keep their interest and that we could work on for awhile.

We ended up watching a movie called “October Sky” all about rocket building. After we had finished the movie I decide that we would make some rockets and shoot them off. To include math in it we made inclinometers which, helped us to measure how high the rockets flew. I teach special education so I had to make some modifications to the project.

Instead of having them use the Pythagorean theorem I had them use their inclinometers to measure the angle of how high the rockets went. The students wrote down the angle and then we measured how far away the rockets landed. Once we were done shooting off all the rockets, aka after I was done getting water all over me and almost hit with a rocket when a student pulled the cord to hard, we figured out the height of each rocket.

We used the angle of the rocket and the distance from the launch to help us make a triangle to see how high the rocket flew. Our highest made it about 35 feet off the ground and I personally think for a water rocket we made it go pretty high.

It was a great project to end the year with. I just wish it really was the end of the year. I started writing this at t-3 days and now it is t-2 days. Friday you could not come any sooner.

Have you ever made rockets?



4 thoughts on “End of the Year Rockets

  1. Thanks! It was just something that would get them out of their seats for part of the time and keep them distracted. I don’t even think they knew they were really using math while we were doing it.


  2. My kids have 8 days left of school. They are excitied and so am I. I love having them home & spending time with them 💜 The last 2 weeks are worthless cause they dont do anything stimulating. Plus its nice outside. Keep Writing 🌹

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    1. I guess it depends on the age how worthless the last two weeks of school are. The younger grades, as in junior high and younger are basically done when it’s two weeks until summer. The older grades like high school though are usually doing things until the very end. Well, at least the high school I work at did until the last day. I guess it just depends where you are. Plus, the last two weeks are worthless with how crazy the kids act. They don’t want to learn anything or do anything except be outside or at home.

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