Escape the Room and Save the World

Did you notice I didn’t do a Sundaze with Ciara this week? Well, if you read my post about Tennessee you’ll know I didn’t do one because I was busy with graduations and end of the year junk. I felt sort of bad not really for people that read this, I’m sure you didn’t even notice, but I felt bad because it had started to become a routine for me. I decided to go and do something last night to make up for it.

If any of you have ever played any games online you’ve probably seen those escape games all over the place. Basically every game has the story  line that someone is missing or you are trapped in a room and need to escape. You have to click around trying to find objects you could use together, keys, puzzles, hidden doors, etc. Well, this place I went to last night is a live action version of this.

I decided that Wilton and I would go and do an escape room game. When we go to the place they explained the rules to us, what we didn’t need to look in, and told us that we had one hour to escape and save the world. After those brief rules we were taking behind a curtain and the staff member started telling us about where we were. She said we were students at a college, in the 1930’s, where a professor had gone missing and we were there to figure out what happened and save the world.

After that brief explanation she left us. There was 2 doors that you could see and one was ajar so we decided to start with that room. We went through that room like a tornado turning over rugs, flipping through books, looking through drawers, and not putting anything back where it went. You were given three hints throughout your hour of trying to escape and while ransacking the room for the first time we didn’t use any.

Throughout the entire game there are secret codes that you have to use in certain ways to unlock doors and other locks. This is probably the hardest part of the live escape room game. It isn’t really that the codes are so difficult but, you only have an hour and you’re rushing trying to figure it out as quickly as possible. Also, the groups are normally larger than two.

There were two hidden doors that you have to find and at least 3 secret codes that you need to figure out. We actually made it to the last hidden room and were trying to figure out the code to the last lock when our time ran out. I think if we would have had another person we could have finished it in time. The only reason I say this is that the last room has a lot of codes you need to figure out and with only two people it was slightly time consuming. I was also the one doing most of the brain work while Wilton was writing things down. I had figured out how to decode the code right before the time was up.

Even though we didn’t beat the game and only saved 2/3’s of the world as the staff member told us I would still do more live escape room games. They are not only fun but they challenge your brain and way of thinking. I would like to go back and do another one but, you have to have at least 4 people for the only other room they have open right now. I also looked around and couldn’t find any other live escape room games around us that only let 2 people try their hand at it.

Have you ever been to a live escape game room? Would you do it if you had the opportunity?


3 thoughts on “Escape the Room and Save the World

    1. You definitely must find some time and do one! It is quite the brain teaser but, probably one of the funniest things I’ve done locally in a while. I thought we weren’t even going to get as close as we did to finishing so I was happy even though we didn’t beat it. I think it would be better with a group of 4.

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