Indiana well I’ll start this one off by saying that I’ve never been to Indianapolis and there’s really only one area I’ve been to in Indiana, Turkey Run. I think most people who live in central Illinois have road tripped it over to Indiana for some canoe and camping fun at least once in their life.

I on the other hand have gone to Indiana 8 summers in a row to canoe, kayak, camp, hike, and of course swim/get some sun. I’ve been to a couple different canoe rental places in the Turkey Run area that have their good and bad points. The first place I ever went there was Sugar Valley Canoe in Marshall, Indiana.

Sugar Valley Canoe is one of the cheapest places that you can rent a canoe, kayak, or inner-tube that I have been to in the Turkey Run area. I personally am not a fan of inner-tubes so I never rented one and can’t tell you much about that experience. I have however rented a canoe there numerous times. It is about $25 for a 10 mile canoe trip which, is the one we normally went on. We normally left early in the morning and would stop at a lot of different places. There was an actual hiking area that you can pull of the river to, “beaches” galore, covered bridges, and lots of fun around every bend.


At Sugar Valley Canoe I also went on an overnight canoe trip with 5 other people. You start off early in the morning on the first day and canoe for 12 miles or so. There is a sign, that’s not hard to miss, on the side of the river telling you where the camp is. You take all of your gear with you and pull of the river at that sign. There you can camp out until the next morning when you begin the journey again. The second day is another 12 miles until you hit the end. I wouldn’t recommend this trip for anyone that isn’t experienced in canoeing because you will get extremely tired and it is a really long trip. Also, some advice if you are going on it make sure you have everything. I forgot the tent poles and needless to say everyone wasn’t very happy with me.


Sugar Valley also has the option of camping in a “cabin” that is not a cabin at all. I mean I guess in the technical term it is but, it doesn’t have electricity, there were crappy bunk beds with water proof mattresses, spiders and bugs every where, and it smelled weird. Plus, it was the middle of the summer and it was so hot in there it was ridiculous.


Turkey Run State Park is also another great place. I’m not sure if the park has canoeing but, we did camp there one weekend. They have a lot to do in the park if you are into nature. There are lots of trails that end in waterfalls, great rock formations, and your basic wood trail. I definitely want to camp there again this summer.

Clements is the other canoe rental place that I have been to. Without a reservation it is going to cost you $45 for a 10 mile trip. The difference between this one and Sugar Valley isn’t that much. The Sugar Valley trip has more places for you to stop, relax, and hike. This one doesn’t have many of those. But, there wasn’t as many people at this rental place compared to the other which was a plus. I would go back if I had to but I’m pretty stingy with money and would rather pay less for more.

As you can see I haven’t really explored much of Indiana. Maybe I will go see Indianapolis or some other areas soon. If I do I’ll make sure to add them to the growing list of fun things to do in Indiana.

Have you ever been to Indiana? Is there anyplace you’ve been there that you think I should go and visit?


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