Missouri or Misery? Everyone that I know that has been through or lived in Missouri uses this joke and says Missouri as misery. So, what is Missouri known for….well I don’t really know what it has that people would remember it for…does St. Louis count? Although, people like to say St. Louis is in Illinois…I guess technically part of it is. Now I’ve confused myself. Let’s just move on. I’ve actually only been to Missouri twice. Once because a friend was playing a show there (another 1 of our friends went to college there) and once for a “family” vacation.

A couple summers ago I went on a mini road trip with my “dad” and my brother. (Quotation marks are used because we do not talk anymore) We went to Akers Canoe Rental….at least I’m pretty sure that’s where we went. I tried to look it up and that looked like the place. We showed up the first day without a reservation and went on a short 5 mile trip in a canoe and inner-tube. (My “dad” had the inner-tube) After the short trip we went and stayed in one of their cabins.

The cabin was pretty decent or at least better than the one in Indiana. There was a bunk bed in the main room, a small kitchen, full bathroom, a master bedroom, and then a loft with a bed. It could have been cleaner but, it wasn’t to bad. It was definitely nice to come back after the second day and lay down in air conditioning.

The second day we went on an extremely long trip but, it was well worth it. We saw natural springs that were freezing cold, caves you could canoe into, crazy old houses covered in graffiti, and great rock formations. This is the best place that I’ve been canoeing at and would recommend going to current river over everywhere else I’ve been canoeing. The water is extremely clear, it gets deep enough in areas you can swim, and you have the option of renting canoes for days at a time and going on a week long canoe trip.

I was extremely sore after the trip because we had paddled so hard and fast to make it there on time. I also dropped my i-Phone in the water although I managed to save it from complete destruction. After we rested up that night we started to head back to Illinois and then changed our minds. We ended up stopping to go ziplining, seeing Meremac Caverns, and going to Six Flags.

I had never been ziplining before and was looking forward to it. We had to wait so while waiting we went and saw Meremac Caverns. It was pretty neat although there was a lot of people and I’m not a fan of that. They walk you through and turn off lights occasionally, some of the stalagmites have lights on them, and they play the Star Spangled Banner in a cave that has theater seats. They have a light show that goes along with it.

After seeing the cave we had just enough time to make it to the ziplines. I looked ridiculous in the hat and weird contraption they hook you up to, my little brother freaked out and almost didn’t go, and I was a little worried about the height. I ended up going second and actually did perfectly fine. When I made it to the other side the person asked if I had done it before. You zipline from one platform to the next and walk across some sketchy bridges that are up in the air to get to the next one. Although fun it isn’t much of an adrenaline rush and it ends way to fast.

The last thing we did in Missouri was to go to Six Flags. I guess you could say it’s in Illinois but, whatever just go with it. My little brother was scared of almost every ride but he ended up going on them still. We did the Dragon Fly. The Dragon Fly is this crazy contraption that you lay down into and get pulled up 150 feet or 15 stories into the air. Once you are at the top you have to pull the release on your own. My little brother didn’t even make it past the part where the floor drops out from under you so they can pull you up while you stare at the ground. He cried and they let him out of it and I did it by myself. Definitely a lot of adrenaline doing this and one of the first times that I’ve ever done something like this considering I didn’t go on my first roller coaster until I was 18. It was really fun and exciting although it was expensive and there’s no refund if you don’t go.

The two metal structures in the middle are what pull you up into the air and hold you up. The little black thing to the right of the is a person swinging.

I also went to Kirksville, Missouri with my friend Blake and my boyfriend at the time. They played in a band together and our friend who was living in Kirksville wanted them to come and play a show. We ended up driving there in 2 cars because of all the equipment and we brought Blake’s dog. My car broke down about 2 hours away and we ended up loading everything into Blake’s tiny car and riding 3 deep in the front the rest of the way there.

The guys played and I handed out cassette tapes we had made of them. There wasn’t a lot of people there because they didn’t know us and left after the band they knew but that was ok. We ended up packing up and then going to a party at some random persons house. It took forever to get there walking but it was worth it we had a good time.

All in all I had a really good time and would recommend every place that we went to. I actually just went on a three day road trip to Missouri so another post will be coming soon all about that.

Have you ever been to Missouri, Ziplining, or done something like the dragon fly? Tell me about it in the comments below.


9 thoughts on “Missouri or Misery?

  1. Haha Odin wasn’t in this one because he wasn’t born yet. I am getting ready to publish a post all about the road trip I just went on with Odin to Missouri. So, be looking for it to get your fix Odin fix.

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  2. As a Missouri native, I am so glad you enjoyed your trip! Yes, Current River is great for floating and Meramec Caverns are pretty cool. The Six Flag is actually west of St. Louis (not on the Illinois side) but is A LOT of fun. There are some awesome camp sites in our state parks and terrific community picnics and country fairs to put on your future visit wish lists. We also have some awesome vineyards and bed and breakfasts. Thank you for sharing!

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    1. I actually just went back to Missouri this past weekend for another road trip. I went to two state parks…tried to go to three but the road I thought I needed to be on ended in water. Also went camping. So watch for that post coming soon. I got some great photos while there. Thanks for the tips on vineyards and beds and breakfasts.

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    1. The last road trip I took was to missouri. We went a lot of places I only talked about a few in my latest post it was fun though. Zip lining was great but I’d like something with more of an adrenaline rush.

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  3. Had a pretty rough night in Missouri once. We were camping our way across the country. The day we drove into Missouri it was raining pretty hard so we decided to spring for a motel. Worst decision ever. The place was rancid with smoke, even in the non smoking room, and in the worst repair. But the next day was a wonderful visit to St. Louis. It is all part of the family lore now, so worth it in the end.

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    1. I’ve had a bad experience in St. Louis. I was driving back from Iowa and my truck broke down in St. Louis. A cop stopped and tried jumping me but it only got me to the next gas station. Long story made short ended up sleeping in my truck and it was winter so woke up to frost on my windows.

      Bad times can happen anywhere though and if you ever go back through there’s some beautiful places to stop and see. Just beware of the $30 and $40 deposit primitive campsites.

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