Crazy Busy Summers

Hello everyone! I promise nothing bad has happened to me and the hiatus from my blog has been for a variety of good reasons. I haven’t even had a chance to officially tell everyone that reads my blog about the best news I’ve received this summer. Or really about anything that has occurred in a while. Let’s start with the best news of the summer.

On June 6 I received my official medical and dental clearance for the Peace Corps!! It was a very exciting and happy moment of my life this summer. I could finally put the stress of gathering all of my medical paperwork, getting shots, and worrying that I would be denied behind me. It’s just one more step bringing me closer to the end goal of volunteering and living in Macedonia for 2 years.

Everything else that has kept me busy and on the move slightly radiates out from the news I received about being medically cleared. I’ve been on a couple more road trips in my home state of Illinois, the most recent being to Southern Illinois and Ferne Clyffe State Park. The entire reason I went on this road trip was to see a waterfall that is in the state park. I might be the odd one out but I had never seen a waterfall…and I still haven’t seen one in person. When we got there it was 101 outside and we hiked 2 miles to see the waterfall. Even though I lived in Southern Illinois for 3 years I forgot how much it doesn’t rain in the summer. Without rain there is not waterfall and we were definitely disappointed. We made the most of it and camped for 2 hot nights at the state park before heading back home.

What else has been keeping me busy? Well, that’s some pretty big news in its own right. I’ll have to tell some back story though so brace yourself. When my boyfriend and I first started dating he lived in Iowa and it was a long distance relationship. After awhile he ended up moving to Illinois since I was still in school and we have lived here for the past 2 years. Well, recently his job offered him a promotion. He would receive a raise and a bonus for the first and second year of the promotion. Here’s the catch though….he has to move back to Iowa. We talked about it for awhile and I told him that it makes sense. I mean I won’t be living in Illinois for two years and if he has the offer of a better job why not take it? So, we have been trying to figure out all the logistics of an overseas move and a move to another state.  Between deciding what to keep, what to give away, what to throw away, finding a new place, deciding if I would move for the next 80 something days and live with him, and packing we have been extremely busy.

Here’s what we have decided: I’ll help him move to Iowa and stay for the first week or two, I’d live with my mom for most of the time I have left because she would be mad if she didn’t get to see me as much as possible, he’ll take the dog, and I decided what stays and what goes. I have to say this is probably one of the busiest and biggest decision making summer I have ever had.

The last thing keeping me busy is my birthday/going away party that I am having in 10 days. I decided to mush it all together into one party to make it easier on myself. I’ll let you know how that goes….a little nervous since my old friends are meeting my teacher friends for the first time so fingers crossed.

So I am sorry for the hiatus but between everything going on in my life I probably won’t be publishing many posts, at least for awhile. Not having internet at home doesn’t make publishing things easy either. No worries though there will be plenty of posts coming toward the end of the summer and enough in between for you not to forget about me. I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer.


7 thoughts on “Crazy Busy Summers

    1. Thank you 😊 I do plan on blogging while I am there. I actually made another blog that’s specifically for the Peace Corps. Mainly because I don’t want my family and friends coming to this one. But, I will be posting here as well about my experiences. Not sure how often I will be able to but as often as I can.

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