What’s Going on in my Life?

Well, where should I start? Since my last post a lot has happened. My boyfriend got sick at work and was told to go home by one of his bosses. When he went back to work they called him into the office and told him he was fired because he went home. What this means is that instead of him paying all the bills so I can save and buy everything I need to leave for Macedonia I’m stuck paying them.

I made a gofundme page awhile back to try and get help with all the money I was spending on medical, dental, and everything else I needed. Shared it to my Facebook and although 60 of my friends shared it and a bunch of people liked it only 4 people actually donated. 2 of those people being my parents. Don’t get me wrong I know people may be having a hard time but I thought more of my actual friends would help since they’re so proud of me. Or so they say.

I’ve ended up spending probably close to $2,000 of my own money to pay for medical expenses, dental expenses, international shots, and other supplies I need. It’s made it hard to pay my bills but I’m struggling my way through. Here’s what I still need to buy:

A new battery for my laptop because mines shot and I’ll be using it for work and communicating in country.

A professional nice dress for my swearing in ceremony where I’ll meet ambassadors.

Tennis shoes, 1 pair of high heels, and a pair of mocassins. Tennis shoes for walking to work, high heels for special events I’m invited to/swearing in ceremony, and mocassins because you have to have specific shoes for indoors only.

A couple more professional outfits for when I’m working.

Hygiene products because certain feminine products are considered luxury items there.

There’s a lot more I need to get such as my phone fixed because it’s cracked and going to be how I communicate with everyone back home, winter clothes, and random other items that I’ll be using and wearing for two years. That’s why it’s even more expensive because I can’t bring quantity I have to have quality.

I know it’s a long shot to post this on here but if you could help me in anyway possible I’m talking even a random $5 it would help me so much. My gofundme page has all the information about why I’ve wanted to do this, what I’ve bought so far with the money I received and what I still need to get. The link is:


I’m sorry if you can’t click the link. I’m writing this on my phone.

I’ve also started having aurora migraines again. They are absolutely horrible!! I start seeing an aurora or weird floating light, then one of my hands will go numb, then I gain feeling back, then my arm will go numb, then I’ll gain feeling back, then my face will go numb, then I gain feeling back, and then I have the worst migraine ever. I used to throw up for hours when I had them because the pain was so bad. I guess I should be grateful these aren’t that bad.

So, I decided to try the alternative method of getting rid of migraines. What is that? I got a daith piercing. Now I have about 5 tattoos and have gages but I’ll tell you right now that piercing was worse than everything else. Mine bled worse than normal and ended up bleeding last night while I slept. It’s only been a day but I’ll keep you updated on whether it works or not. Either way I’ll be making a big post about it down the road a couple months.

2016-07-16 12.58.57 2.jpg

I also had my birthday. I woke up to my boyfriend telling me he was fired. My party didn’t go very well because my new friends and old friends didn’t really click. Which in turn made me try to talk to both groups without ignoring one of the other. Everyone ended up leaving before 11 and I was home by 1. Did I mention the only present I got was from my boyfriend who bought me a phone that won’t even work with my company. Don’t worry the phone he bought for himself works fine. Oh, and I bought the stuff to make my own cake. So 25 you better get your cap together and turn out to be better than my birthday.

So, this is my quick update. There will be more starting again soon. I really appreciate it if you guys could help me but if you can’t don’t sweat it I’ll manage some how.

Have a great summer!!


4 thoughts on “What’s Going on in my Life?

  1. The quarter life crisis. That’s what I call it. It seems like everything starts to fall apart at that age. I know it felt like it for me. I truly hope it gets better for you and that this situation makes you stronger. Don’t let circumstance defeat you.

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    1. It seems like every time things start coming together and going right the universe has to correct things and make it go wrong for awhile. I didn’t even mention half of the crap that’s happened since my birthday. I’m definitely struggling my way through but not letting it defeat me. I already have plans to sell things and give plasma if I really need the money. My boyfriend also found another job making half of what he was making but he’s lucky to have that. Oh, and he might be going active duty while I’m gone. 😥

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