Liebster Award

Now this will be the second time I have started writing about this award. The first time my dumb internet messed up and I lost what I wrote. So any and all sarcastic comments were lost in the process. Anyways I’m not the biggest fan of writing these awards but, if I keep getting them it must mean I’m doing something right. Thank you Rambling Kori for the nomination!

Let’s jump into the questions and see if there’s anything you haven’t found out about me yet.

  1. What makes your perfect pizza?
    Every pizza is perfect in its own way I mean pizza is life people. #stoppizzadiscrimination
  2. What’s one thing you wish you had known as a freshman in high school?
    As a freshman in high school I wish I would have known not to grow feelings for a certain someone because I still have those feelings years later.
  3. What are two of your bucket list items?
    I want to go skydiving and visit Italy (although I want to visit as many countries as possible Italy is my top priority because my grandpa was from there).
  4. Have you ever kept a New Year’s Resolution?
    I don’t remember ever making a New Year’s resolution so I guess the answer is no.
  5. What is one job you could never do?
    Why do I feel like I’ve answered these questions before? I could never be a stay at home mom. Teaching kids is enough for me.
  6. When is your birthday?
    July 7th
  7. Are you a big fan of any major pro sports team?
    Nope. I would rather play sports than watch them.
  8. What was the last book you read?
    The Night Sky it was slightly weird but it was good.
  9. Don’t these questions seem like I can use this information and hack into your email?
    Nope none of these would help you at all.
  10. Whoops I skipped a question….Do you believe in aliens?
    Idk I did just watch The History of Aliens on the discovery channel. I won’t say that do exist but I won’t say they don’t exist either. Only the government knows lol
  11. What is my favorite blog post that I’ve written?
    I don’t really have a favorite one. I’d rather the people that read my blog like a specific one than myself.

11 Random Facts About Me…who came up with the number 11?

  1. I have 5 tattoos and gauges.
  2. I hate wine.
  3. I own over 200 books and have read them all. Some even more than once.
  4. I gave away almost all of my clothes since I’m leaving for the Peace Corps.
  5. My favorite comfort food is a caramelized bacon cheeseburger.
  6. I want to eventually run a farm for equestrian therapy that helps people that have special needs.
  7. I love horror movies but haven’t seen a really good one in a long time.
  8. I hate writing facts about myself.
  9. I hate wearing high heels because of how clumsy I am.
  10. I say what I think and am completely honest. Some people don’t like it and say I’m mean and I say you ask for the truth but don’t want it when you get it.
  11. My favorite number is 10.

1. Lonely Blue Boy
2. Roberta Pimentel


Ok glad that is over.



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