Beginning to End

October 2015

  1.  Began filling out the Peace Corps application and had one of my friends that is a journalism major help me edit my final draft.

October 21st

  1. Finally turned in the application. The new application process is a lot more user friendly.
    2.  Received my information to fill out the Health History Form
    3. Registered for Peace Corps Medical Applicant Portal
    4. Received email on selecting my service preference and completing the soft skills questionnaire.
    5. Filled out my service preference and soft skills questionnaire.
    6. Filled out my Health History Form
    7. Received email informing me that someone would be in contact with my  by March 1st.

November 16th

  1. Opened email from Peace corps saying that I was invited for an interview.
  2. Sent email to Peace Corps identifying 2 days I would be available.
  3. Received email stating when and what time my interview was

November 19th

  1. I had my interview and become extremely nervous about whether or not I did well in it.

February 9th

  1. I received my invitation to join the Peace corps
  2. Accepted my invitation to join
  3. Received an overflow of information that I need to fill out, turn in, and make appointments for.

End of February

  1. Received all of my information that I needed to get filled out for medical clearance.
  2. Received the information for the New Volunteer Portal that had more information that needed to be filled out .


  1. Scheduled doctors appointments, found old medical records, scheduled dentist appointments and everything else I needed for my medical clearance.
  2. Found out I would need the varicella vaccine and was going to be late on my medical clearance paperwork.
  3. Talked to my pre-service nurse who said it was ok to turn it in late as long as I told them when it would be coming in .
  4. Submitted all paperwork except varicella vaccine on 4/20/16 and was due on 4/27/16

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