Sundaze with Ciara

Hello cyberspace and welcome. Let me help you 6082609069_cc8d918e04_o

You might be asking what all this is about. Well no worries I will explain it all in 3…2…1…just kidding I want to give some background first. The entire inspiration behind this weekly post is from fellow bloggers. I have seen a lot of you writing a post once a week on a specific topic. I thought I could do it too but, I couldn’t think of anything that would make sense for my blog and me.Click the link if you would like to read Inspiration for Weekly Posts.

Ok, so now I’ll tell you what this is about. “Sundaze with Ciara” is going to happen every Monday with the actual short trip happening on Sunday. I’m going to find some place that isn’t to far from where I live and go on a mini road trip. I’ll write about my experience of the place, what I explored anything interesting I found, and I’ll have some photos.

Not only does this help me to get out of my house on a Sunday it also helps me to not be so lazy (Hence the name Sundaze Face First though of)  and gives me a reason to go explore somewhere in the state I grew up in that I haven’t been before. This will also give me the chance to write about short trips I take while in Macedonia. Even though it will probably be slightly hard to get a post out every week while there.

They won’t be extremely long posts because I mean it’s a short trip but, I’m hoping taking a couple minutes out of your Monday to read about a cool trip will help you get over your Monday blues.

You’ll see the post on the home page of my blog but, I am also making this page that will have a link to all of the “Sundaze with Ciara”. So, check back every week to take a short trip to a new place you’ve probably never been before and I’ve definitely never been before.

Peace Out and have a great day fellow bloggers!

First Sundaze with Ciara:

IMG_20160508_161704Abandoned bridges, wrong turns, pizza blisters, and realizations. Here’s the first ever Sundaze with Ciara.





Second Sundaze with Ciara: Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

State parks, hikes, tents, fires, smores, and realizations.
Second edition of Sundaze with Ciara.


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